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Homa Therapy Foundation

The mission of the Foundation is to teach Agnihotra and Homa Therapy free of charge, to be a center for education in the fields of sustainable living and spiritual ecology, and to implement techniques for improving the environment and quality of air, soil, water, and health of all living organisms. In addition, it is to provide alternative blueprints for building sustainable Homa ecovillages, and develop ways to live in harmony with our natural environment.

HOMA THERAPY FOUNDATION is an ecological, educational, non-profit foundation, dedicated to healing the environment via the science of Homa Therapy. Since 1992, the foundation has taught Agnihotra and Homa Therapy free of charge in Poland and throughout Europe. The Foundation is centered around inclusivity and universality. Its free educational programmes are open to all, irrespective of belief, gender or occupation. It serves the general public by offering education in simple but profound tools for self transformation and environmental regeneration. The Foundation is focused on creating positive change from the grassroots up.

By supporting the service that Homa Therapy Foundation provides, you are helping to create a better world where any individual, family or group can help heal the ecological conditions of our planet, benefiting the health of plants animals and humans.

The applications of Homa Therapy offer broad solutions to the polluted environment our planet is suffering from today – be that air, soil or water pollution. Many scientific experiments have proven the efficacy of this science, which is affordable and simple to learn. This means that anyone from any walk of life can take responsibility for the health of the environment on a deep and fulfilling level. 

Agnihotra with people

Larger scale projects can also be implemented to purify and restore environments like water sources, diseased forests and farms. The Foundation also teaches Agnihotra as a method for individuals and families to improve their health and quality of life.

Thousands of people around the world have experienced the life-changing effects of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy on their physical, mental,emotional and spiritual well-being.

Many people in Poland, and worldwide, live in areas where air quality is many times above the recommended WHO limits. Air pollution has been conservatively estimated to cause 7 million early deaths worldwide, while ill health often leads to stress and loss of income. By performing Agnihotra daily, a healing atmosphere is created in the home that neutralizes pollution, calms the mind and purifies the body, leading to happier, healthier and more productive lives.

All who learn the correct way of performing Agnihotra at the Foundation, also have at their disposal healing Agnihotra Ash, from which simple yet potent Ayurvedic preparations can be made. These effective remedies can be prepared at home to boost the immune system, treat common ailments, and protect the body from environmental damage. Agnihotra Ash has also been proven to neutralize radioactivity.

herbal workshop

The Foundation offers education and practical experience in Homa Organic Gardening, which can be implemented in one’s own small garden, or on a larger scale such as a community or market garden. On an even larger scale, such as on a farm, the Foundation can install a Resonance Point to increase the effects of Homa Therapy, and thus rejuvenate lifeless soils that have been damaged due to conventional agrochemical practices. 

Homa Organic Farming methods can greatly speed up the rejuvenation of soils on farms transitioning from conventional to organic production.  The multi applications of Homa Therapy make it the ideal tool for creating sustainable and successful communities. It is why one of the Foundation’s main projects is the continuing development of a Homa Farm community, known as Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya. There, all the practices and benefits of Homa Therapy are implemented and they include:


Daily practice of Agnihotra and additional Ayurvedic fires create a healing atmosphere that supports a healthy community.

Agnihotra Ash Remedies

Creating simple but powerful home remedies for common ailments and to boost the immune system.

Homa Organic Farming&Gardening

Growing nutritious, organic crops in a pollution-free environment in harmony with Nature.

Animal Husbandry

The practice of Ahimsa (non – violence) means cows and all animals live full lives to a ripe old age without fear.

Homa Beekeeping

Providing a purified environment where honey bees can thrive.

Homa Psychotherapy

Agnihotra brings peace to the mind, calms the nervous system, supports positive thought patterns. All this promotes healthier communication, social interaction and nurtures creative expression.

Our Foundation members share in the practices of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy, which are instrumental in creating a model blueprint for developing Homa farm sustainable communities worldwide. Guests regularly visit our Foundation to learn Agnihotra, and are inspired by their experience of life in our ecovillage, where there is a balance of ecology and self-development.

International Eco-Educational Centre

A major ongoing project of the Foundation is the construction of the Centre of Light. It is being built on Foundation grounds to better serve the increasing number of people wishing to come and learn. The eco-centre is being built mainly with clay, straw and wood. It will provide a much needed venue where teachers, pioneers in ecology, therapists, scientists and artists can share their gifts for humanity and for our planet. A place where people can receive support for their personal transformation, at a time of great global transformation. The new Centre is being funded in large part by donations. 

Our vision is that The Centre of Light becomes a beacon that draws in all those who wish to create a better world. 


We believe this is how deep change can happen  and to do this, we need your support.

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