Our Ecological Educational Foundation has been teaching through in-person workshops, outreach and online platforms for over 30 years. The main purpose of our educational programs is to teach Agnihotra and Homa Therapy. We also teach holistic non-denominational workshops which work towards a healthier, happier world and are aligned with our core Foundation mission.


  • Homa Therapy and Agnihotra in all forms of environmental rejuvenation and application
  • Homa Organic Gardening/Farming
  • Homa Herbs and wild harvesting
  • Homa Organic Beekeeping
  • Practical, hands-on experiential volunteer programs
  • Ecological Building
  • Small Community building
  • How to Create an Ecovillage – workshops
  • Self-Development
  • Children’s workshops on Ecology and experiencing organic farm life
  • Yoga and Meditation for Children 
  • Art, Music & Dance Therapy
  • Stress Reduction
  • Vegetarian and vegan nutritional cooking classes 
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Sustainable Living

Homa Therapy Foundation serves the planet by teaching daily practice of Agnihotra and sustainable lifestyle. The Foundation promotes, teaches and supports people to live a holistic eco-lifestyle by educating them in multiple aspects of sustainability. We have practical solutions to help with climate change, air pollution, and the degradation of our natural resources—not only physically, but also through mindfulness and spiritual ecology. Heal the

Atmosphere and the Atmosphere heals you.


    • Homa Therapy and Agnihotra – Scientifically proven Vedic scientific practices to improve soil, water, air, and benefit all living beings.
    • Creating healthy, sustainable community living
    • Renewable energy
    • Ecological buildings
    • Certified Organic garden & farm
    •  Regenerative Organic
    • Sharing of natural resources amongst Ecovillage families
    • Bee preservation and protection
    • Seed saving
    • Cottage industries for sustainable economy models
    • Healthy vegetarian and vegan diet 

    Health & Wellness

    Homa Therapy Foundation is conscious that it is better to have a healthy body, mind and spirit to most effectively serve the planet and each other.

    Our Foundation sees that holistic, healthy lifestyle is vital to inspire humanity into positive mindset and positive action.


    • Homa Therapy and Agnihotra
    • Meditation
    • Stress reduction
    • Mindfulness
    • Self-development
    • Yoga, Qi Gong
    • Natural folk remedies
    • Preventative therapies
    • Art Therapy
    • Music Therapy
    • Forest and garden therapy
    • Ayurveda Women’s Circles
    • Holistic family lifestyle
    • Healthy vegetarian and vegan diet
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