What is Homa Therapy?

The science of Homa Therapy comes from the Vedas, which are the oldest sources of knowledge known to humankind. In the Vedas can be found descriptions of physics, chemistry, molecular science, mathematics and astronomy.

‘Homa’ is a Sanskrit word and is the technical term for the process of removing toxic conditions of the atmosphere through the agency of fire. The most basic Homa is AGNIHOTRA, which is tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise/sunset, and which forms the basis of Homa Therapy.

In ancient Vedic tradition sunrise is described as follows:

At sunrise the many fires, electricities, ethers and more subtle energies emanating from the sun extend all the way to the Earth and produce a flood effect at those coordinates where the sun is said to rise. It is awesome. The flood enlivens and purifies everything in its path, destroying what is impure in its wake. This torrent of life-sustaining energies causes all life to rejoice. At sunrise that music can be heard. The morning Agnihotra Mantra is the essence of that music. It is the quintessential sound of that flood. At sunset the flood recedes.

Agnihotra Diagram

Agnihotra is performed in a copper pyramid pot made to specific dimensions and which acts as a receiver and generator that resonates with the sun. A small fire is made inside the pyramid pot using dried cow dung and clarified butter, then at the exact time of sunrise or sunset, a short Sanskrit mantra is uttered and whole grains of rice are put into the fire. It is very simple to learn and perform.

Homa Therapy works according to the science of Resonance and bio-energy, to effect change on the molecular and subtle energy levels in order to neutralize pollution and increase ‘prana’ (life-force). Performance of Agnihotra on a regular daily basis establishes the healing cycle necessary for a healthy environment.

In Homa Therapy, there are additional fires, known as Yajnyas, that are done to increase the beneficial effects of Agnihotra on the atmosphere, and subsequently the soil, water sources, plants and animals. It also has tremendous benefits on the mental and physical health of people.

The central idea in Homa Therapy is:

You heal the atmosphere and the atmosphere heals you.


Homa Therapy has many practical applications in the following fields:


  • Purification of the air we breathe by removal of toxins in the atmosphere and helping to neutralize harmful radiation.
  • Purification of contaminated water. Agnihotra can be performed regularly near water sources and the ash put in the water afterwards. Yajnya leads to better absorption of the sun’s rays by water.
  • Seeding the clouds to precipitate nutritional rain.
  • Increase negative ions in the atmosphere.
  • YAJNYAS to patch up the ozone filter damaged by pollution.
  • Agnihotra has the ability to neutralize pathogenic bacteria that cause disease.
  • Regeneration of ecosystems such as forests.


  • Growing vegetables, fruits, grains, etc., without chemical fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides and herbicides, by strengthening the subtle energy structure of plants and affecting hormones in the reproductive organs of pests, etc. Large quantities of food can be grown in a small area.
  • Yajnya replenishes the nutrients that pollution robs from our environment. Plants receive more than 70% of nutrition from the atmosphere.
  • Quickly regenerate damaged or lifeless soils to become productive, life sustaining mediums rich in minerals, nutrients, bacteria, fungi and earthworms.


  • Agnihotra has a good effect on the brain, it purifies the blood, strengthens the immune system.
  • Homa atmosphere and Agnihotra ash for prevention and cure of diseases as stated in Ayurveda.
  • Neutralizing the effects on the body caused by ingesting radioactive food.


  • Removal of stress and tension on mind.
  • Clearing an area of negative thought patterns that impinge on the mind.
  • Establishing in an area a positive approach characterized by Love.
  • Reduction of anger, self-destructive habit patterns.
  • Bringing motivation to get rid of drug addiction, alcoholism, etc.

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