Centre of Light

Help Us Build an Eco Educational Centre for Sustainable Living

Join us in creating a sustainable future by supporting the completion of our ecological education centre in Europe—Centre of Light. This endeavor is more than just a project. It’s a beacon of hope, blending ancient Vedic wisdom, with contemporary techniques to create a healthier, more sustainable world.


Our Homa Therapy Foundation’s Vision:

At the heart of our vision lies the fusion of time-tested Vedic knowledge with modern practices. Together, we are forging a path toward environmental harmony and personal well-being, where ecology meets spirituality!

Our mission is deeply personal—it’s about nurturing a connection with Nature, revitalizing our communities, and cultivating a legacy of sustainability for future generations. The Centre of Light will be a sanctuary where individuals can immerse themselves in the transformative power of Homa Therapy—allowing for personal transformation through Self-Development and Creative Arts. Applications of this Vedic science can regenerate soils, restore ecological biodiversity, neutralize pollution, purify water sources, etc.!


Why Your Support Matters:

Harmony with Nature

Through Homa Therapy and Vedic practices, we rediscover our inherent connection to the natural world, restoring balance and vitality to our planet. We can learn to attune our human nature with Mother Nature.

Personal Transformation

Your support enables us to offer tools and resources for personal growth, empowering individuals to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives in harmony with the Earth.

Your Personal Impact

Your contribution to our fundraising campaign isn’t just a donation — it’s an opportunity to be part of something greater. Together, we can:


  • Establish a sanctuary of peace and positive action for generations to come.
  • Cultivate passion and curiosity in the hearts of future environmental stewards.
  • Develop immersive educational programs that inspire profound shifts in consciousness and behaviour.

Centre of Light

Help Us Build an Eco Educational Centre for Sustainable Living

Ways to Get Involved:

1. Donate: Your generosity fuels our mission and helps turn our vision into reality.

2. Spread the Word: Share our story with friends, family, and colleagues who value our passion for sustainability and well-being.

3. Contact Us: Help complete the Centre of Light with your skills and experience.



Every contribution, no matter the size, is deeply appreciated and honored. We’ll ensure your support is recognized and celebrated as we journey together toward a brighter, more sustainable future.


Support Us & Be a Catalyst for Change!

By supporting our Centre of Light, you’re investing in a vision, a movement, and a legacy of love for our planet and all its inhabitants.

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